Internal Squabbles

This interactive story will focus on a fictional depiction of an aspiring nation-state slowly absorbing surrounding city-states. This website is an interactive topographical map of the developing nation-state— and the individual dots that traverse the city are representative of new residents of this growing nation who are struggling to “synthesize.” These residents traverse the city in randomized patterns and have a lifecycle. This interactive story is focused on mistranslation, having to adopt a new structure of “common sense,” and the dissolution of small emotional communities i.e. the end of a city-state.

List of things to consider.

-Something that is lost in translation. (It would be cool if you could structure a story around a word that is obviously translated wrong/ is off)

-Why is this person writing? Is it for their profession? Or is it a private journal/ a record of a conversation or law.

-The loss of a small emotional community and the need to invent a transcoding system to fit into a new neighborhood. This doesn’t have to be exaggerated so as to be an element of torment more than it could be a complex annoyance. Maybe within their new home your character can still find a way to isolate into a small community.